Company Background





Our History

Founded by Michael Ellison in 1971, Ellison Media Company quickly grew into a national presence in the Christian media industry. Through unprecedented achievements, Ellison Media Company became a leader in Christian television. Ellison Media Company has been integral in the success of some of the largest broadcast ministries in history. Over the years, the company has matured and become a leader in direct response marketing. Our successes are partially represented by the following case studies:


TriVita, Inc. – Ellison Media Company was responsible for developing the front-end direct response strategy, which included placement of long-form television and radio infomercial programming, DR print, and Web-based direct marketing response marketing. As a result of Ellison Media Company’s direct response strategies, TriVita:


Acquired over 2,000,000 customers via radio, television, Web and print

  • Sold 11 million units of its flagship product
  • Ranked in the top 20 frequently aired television infomercials by “Response” magazine
  • Expanded its DR activities internationally


James Robison and LIFE Outreach International – LOI has ministered to literally millions of people around the world with food, medical supplies, and shelter, as well as with spiritual nourishment through their daily syndicated television program. Ellison Media Company has been instrumental in advising on direct response elements for over 20 years.


Visual Bible International – Ellison Media Company executed the promotional spot campaign for the theatrical release of the film, “The Gospel of John.” Ellison Media Company developed and executed the media placement strategy for both long-form and short-form direct response programs, as well as negotiating and placing DR print.


Tommy Barnett and The Dream Center – Ellison Media Company has been part of this outreach since its very inception. As a result of our strategic partnership, in addition to the tens of millions of dollars raised for this inner-city ministry, there are now over 100 Dream Centers around the country and an additional 40 overseas.


Christian Broadcasting Network – Ellison Media Company managed a major satellite event in which over 165,000 people attended and over $14 million in pledges were raised. This was the largest single fund-raising event at that time in the history of Christian media.


Kenneth Copeland Ministries – as a result of Ellison Media Company’s strategic counsel, a media plan was developed that led to the expansion of the ministry’s program to over 700 radio stations and 160 TV outlets. Additionally, Ellison Media Company developed and managed the first-ever international satellite program to be broadcast live on every continent. This event, The World Communion Service, was attended by several hundred thousand people worldwide in over 200 downlinked locations in the United States and over 20 cities around the world.


Today, Ellison Media Company specializes in generating direct response for our clients – clients who emphasize spiritual, emotional or physical well-being.


About Our Founder

The story of Michael Ellison is really the story of the Ellison Media Company. Out of a broadcast background, Mr. Ellison founded Christian Ministries Advertising, Inc. (later to be named Ellison Media Company). When broadcast ministry was still in its infancy, his vision for this new company was to help establish media ministries around the world. The company and the industry grew together, each pushing the other to new levels of success and new avenues of outreach. Ellison Media Company specialized in working with small organizations, helping build them to major ministries with international influence. Mr. Ellison has never lost his focus as a pioneer, using special projects involving emerging technologies to help Christian media ministries branch out in new ways. Under his leadership, the company has also been a trendsetter in developing international offices in Africa, Latin America, Australia, Canada and Europe.