As the online world continues to emerge more companies are moving their advertising dollars away from traditional media to the internet.  As this trend continues to grow broadcasters are facing more challenges to maximize their inventory. 

Introducing Residual Share™ a turn-key system that will help you maximize your inventory while building a secondary stream of residual income. 

Residual Share™ is a simple hands-off system that allows our clients and vendors the ability to grow their advertising revenue with minimal work.  In exchange for airtime on a per-inquiry platform, each time you air one of the Residual Share™ programs, EMC will pay you 40% of the customer’s product order. Plus for every new customer your ad inventory generates you will receive 40% residual income on all subsequent orders. 

Our clients will provide the programs and EMC will cover all production costs which will include tape distribution, unique 800 numbers & URLs that will be assigned to your station.  We also work with the most advanced performance call centers and host order capture websites to ensure we maximize your advertising inventory.  All our campaigns are proven and tested to ensure they generate initial order value through high conversion rates and average sale. 

With each new customer order that is generated by you our clients will cover all costs on re-marketing to your customers. Through product catalogs, emails, health articles and other content offering premium quality consumable products and continuity programs we retain customers and build life-time value.  In addition, your customers will receive free access to a toll-free customer support center to handle all inquiries. 
To ensure you know you are getting the most from your advertising inventory, EMC has created a proprietary media software system to track and report on all transactions.  Accountability from our system will be reflected in weekly/monthly reporting along with access to your own client portal where you can view real time reports.  View sample reports

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