Over 40 Years of Direct Response Marketing Experience

Founded in 1971 by Michael Ellison, Ellison Media Company (EMC) has accumulated over four decades of direct response marketing experience.

With an extensive history in the direct response industry we’ve established key relationships with vendors, stations and networks. Our reputation and track record stem from our ability to create lasting strategic partnerships.

Our uniqueness is in the way we do business.  We believe trust and transparency are critical elements to our relationships. We provide our best recommendations, listen to our clients feedback and execute with excellence.

We have a direct response mindset that permeates strategy, planning and development. Based on our client needs, we can provide single-vehicle marketing approaches as well as multi-channel strategies for a more comprehensive plan to reaching our clients goals.

Our focus on creating new and innovative media and marketing strategies that get results helps our clients achieve maximum return on their investment dollars. Whether it's creating a fundraising campaign or marketing consumer products, EMC has the expertise and experience to help you with your direct response needs.